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Pure nickel wire mesh factory

Pure nickel wire mesh features: with excellent resistance to alkali solution corrosion, carbonate, nitrate, chloride, vinegar and other salts of alkaline, neutral solution medium, has excellent corrosion resistance. While resistant to fatty acid corrosion, and in the atmosphere, fresh water and seawater performance and stability.
Pure nickel wire mesh applications: alkali industry, chlor-alkali chemical and organic chloride production, food processing, production of vacuum electrical devices, electronic instruments, water treatment, high temperature halogen.
Nickel mesh net nickel foil mesh
Pure nickel plate thickness: 0.04 - 3.5 mm.
Nickel plate mesh: 0.3X0.5mm, 0.6X1.2mm 1X2mm 1.5X3mm 1.5X2.5mm2X3mm2X4mm3X6mm 4X8mm 5X10mm and so on. Special specifications can be produced according to customer requirements.
Nickel wire oil and gas separation network: nickel wire knitting net, foam net, nickel wire shielding net, is a special crochet knitting crocheted process woven into the screen, widely used in special environment, the screen demister, air Filter, oil and gas separation, dust filter, flue gas filtration, gas-liquid separation, internal combustion engine filter, electromagnetic shielding. Net width 10-800mm.