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1. Name: Molybdenum wire mesh, Molybdenum mesh

2. Material: Pure molybdenum wire,molybdenum alloy wire

3. Mesh Count:1-300mesh

4. Melting point: 2610°C - 2640°C.

5. Weaving: Plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave

6. Features:

High tensile strength.

Low elongation.

Acid and alkaline resistant.

Corrosion resistant.

High temperature resistant.

Good electricity-conductivity.


Various hole shapes.

Excellent filtering performance.

7. Application:

Molybdenum wire mesh has good corrosion resistance, heat-conductivity and is widely used in high temperature field for sieving and filtering. The main application fields are:


Nuclear power filed.

Electro-vacuum industry.

Glass furnaces.


Oil and gas industry.

New energy industries.

Food processing industry

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