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Copper wire mesh is divided into several kinds

1, brass wire mesh
Raw material: brass wire, 65 brass (about 65% copper, 35% zinc), 80 brass (about 80% copper, 20% zinc)
Mesh: plain weave 6 mesh / inch - 160 / inch, twist up to 280 head.
Features: brass wire mesh with appropriate tension and extensibility, the smaller the mesh, the larger the mesh, the better the water treatment.
2, copper wire mesh - also known as shielding network
Raw materials: copper (pure copper content of 99.999%)
Features: copper wire mesh has a good conductive, heat transfer performance, non-magnetic, corrosion resistance, wear.
Head: plain 5 mesh - 200 mesh, twill up to 250 mesh.
Uses: filter electron beam, electronic display, shielding electromagnetic wave signal.
3, phosphor copper wire mesh
Raw materials: phosphor copper wire (copper 85% -90%, containing zinc 5% -15%)
Features: non-magnetic, wear-resistant, Naisuan Jian, good extension.
Head: plain grain 5-185 mesh, twill up to 400 mesh.
Uses: usually used for powder, ceramic clay and glass, ceramic printing and dyeing objects and filter liquid and gas.

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